The Great Eye Shadow Experiment


Today’s post will detail an experiment I saw on a YouTube video by SaraBeautyCorner. I have to give credit to my five year old daughter Callie for showing me the video. 
This video details how to reuse and recycle old eye shadow and blush into something usable again. Today I decided to create new eye shadow by mixing my old ones into a new color.


First I gathered my materials: 

  • Plastic spoon 
  • Paper plate 
  • Q-Tips
  • Rubbing alcohol 
  • Eye shadow 
  • An empty eye shadow or blush container

I used a paper plate because I did not want to use real dishes, but the best item to use is probably a Dixie cup. It got messy on the plate, but I managed. 

The Experiment 
First, I scraped some of the first eye shadow from the container and onto the plate. I crushed up the bigger pieces with the Q-Tip so it’s more of a powder. Then I repeated the process with another eye shadow (or two or three 😂) and mixed them up with the Q-Tip. Then I used the alcohol cap and poured the alcohol into the mixed up eyeshadow powder and mixed with the Q-tip. I picked up the wet mixture with a spoon and placed it into the empty eyeshadow container. I just reused a container for a product I didn’t care for. Fun fact: it’s not easy washing eyeshadow from the container it came in. After I repeated the process a few more times with other colors, I placed it in a safe place to dry for a day or so. I would give it at least that long so you can be sure it’s ready to use.

The scraped eye shadow I used

This is how it looks wet
After it’s dried
Do you have any cool beauty hacks or projects you’d like to share? Have you ever tried this experiment before? Please tell me your experiences in the comments below!


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