My Favorite Apps and Tools for Blogging (So Far…)


Are you wondering how to get that picture to look just right? Do you want to know which social media apps to use? Look no further! I’ve broken my list into three sections: blog tools, social media, and photo. Why do I have a whole section dedicated to photos? One of my favorite aspects of blogging is the creation of the pictures that accompany each post. Plus it helps others feel at home when they read your blog. Images are imperative to the look and feel of your blog. I have also added links for the apps for iPhone and Android in the list below.

On that note, we will begin with the…


I use this app to make edits to photos I’ve taken on my phone, such as adjusting the brightness or giving it an interesting filter. It’s also great for blemishes for you selfies.

iTunes App Store and Google Play App Store

Font Candy 

This is the app I use to overlay text on photos. There are plenty of fonts pre-loaded, but you can also download fonts directly to the app from the web. I’ve actually decided to pay the $2.99 for the full version, but you can just pay $0.99 for the import tool that I described above. It’s well worth it, in my opinion.

iTunes Free and iTunes $2.99

Not available on Google Play, but here’s a link to a similarity search.

Photoshop Mix 

This app is good for putting various pictures together into one. You can cut an outline of one and paste it into another. Example below.

Yeah yeah I know it’s weird 😂 😂😂

iTunes and Google Play


This is the app I use for stock photos. Mostly for the backgrounds of some of the headers I use, but I usually blur them out quite a bit with the text, more so than the pictures I take myself.

iTunes and Google Play

Image Size 

This is a basic app that will allow you to change the pixel specifications on a photo so it’ll be just the size you need.


This particular app is not on Google Play, but here’s an alternative called Photo and Picture Resizer you can try.

I’ll assume you’re already familiar with these… Feel free to comment questions below or message me at if you’re unsure.


A board based place to share websites and articles you like.

iTunes and Google Play


You only get 140 characters and it’s mostly hashtag based. Lots of retweeting.

iTunes and Google Play


Picture sharing. Hashtags are important here as well.

iTunes and Google Play


Basically an old school style message board (kind of like a forum) but it’s modernized.

iTunes and Google Play


I’m new to this one, but it’s a social media platform for bloggers specifically.

iTunes and Google Play


This is where I post my blog. I can do the majority of things on the app, so I very rarely use the desktop version.

iTunes and Google Play


This is an app that will shorten your links (very handy for Twitter and Instagram) and then give you statistics on how many times it’s been clicked and such.

iTunes and Google Play

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

This handy tool was referred to me by another blogger: Mike from Mike and Tiff’s Blog. This handy tool will analyze your headline and score it depending on what kinds of words you used: Common, Uncommon, Emotional, and Power.

Web Link


This is the app I use to jot down ideas and keep notes on things related to my blog. It has a regular website as well, so I like to log into it at work to keep track of blog ideas I get there.

iTunes and Google Play


Are there any blog tools or apps you like that I missed? Feel free to discuss in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Apps and Tools for Blogging (So Far…)

  1. As a newbie to blogging, this post was perfect for me. I struggle when it comes to graphic design so it helps to know that there are simple apps that will make the design process easier for me. I had no idea that font candy existed; I’m downloading it as we speak. Thanks for sharing your secrets. I look forward to more tips!

    – Fellow Blogger

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me either until I happened upon it in the appstore looking for an app to download fonts themselves. This doesn’t do that, but I love it regardless 😂


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